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Nmap scan.


Jump to reality

I thought brute-forcing the login page almost instantly, but brute-force is always the last resort.

I went to the _uploaded directory and saw that there are some uploaded files there, so we got our uploads directory.

Simply going to the upload.php page gives back nothing so I need to login somehow. I guessed that if this is a very easy box there should only be one username and that’s the admin one.

After trying to enter as admin with the password admin I got an error that username & password are incorrect so I kept going.

Interesting files


The interesting file here is login.php.swp. With a bit of research after trying to get the data from the swap file I finally did it with strings.

Things I tried:

  • vim -r login.php.swp
  • vim login.php.swp & then :recovery

After getting the text inside the file just read it carefully.


Am I the only on who hates www-data?

Some manual searching and basic stuff done here. Versions, permissions etc.

Linpeas gave me an interesting file, that I should find it alone but I didn’t thought about it cause I thought that I had already read the file.


Search through the file or simply let linpeas do it’s job.

John to Root

You su as john and you can instantly go for sudo -l. The link you need is here.

sudo -u root /usr/bin/find . -exec /bin/sh \; -quit

Thank you very much for reading.