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From a really quick nmap we can realize that there are 2 open ports on the machine.


FTP Anonymous Login

Getting that FTP really quick we can see that there are some interesting files and a super useful folder inside (I have already uploaded some files while I was trying to get a RV) :


After a really simple Google Search I found that I can create a payload with msfvenom


Set up the same payload in exploit/multi/handler and you shell will pop up!


Stop Looking For Flags

I am in penetration testing almost 8 months now and one of the MANY things that I’ve learned is to stop looking for flags immediatelly. Get to know your target. The best you know the easiest will become to get the flags or to find a vulnerability/exploit that will help you to privesc and get NT Authority fast & easy.

MSF Exploit Suggester


Running an exploit suggester through the meterpreter session reveals some useful information about the target. I searched almost every single one of them and that’s the reason I could find more than one ways to get NT Authority/System on that box.

MS_10_015 Privesc

That was easy. Set your active session on the payload:


Set the lhost,lport & exploit.


Job done. Flags are pretty obvious and you are going to find them both really quick.

Bonus Session

I was thinking about OSCP (as always) and I wanted to do it without msf. So I searched for something more “manually” and I found another way to privesc by uploading an .exe file that was already compiled. I took it from a github repo. You can check this repo here.

Thank you very much for reading.